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We do a free evaluation to find your level. This evaluation consists of a written structure and speaking test that is taken online and over the phone.

Lower Beginners (A1)

This level is intended for those students who have never studied Spanish or have a little knowledge about it. It consists of studying the following topics: daily vocabulary such as parts of the house and the city, the numbers, personal pronouns, basic verbs, adjectives and prepositions. In grammar, they study giving personal information, describing people, places and things, giving simple one sentence directions, talking about daily routines and past actions among others.

High Beginners (A2)

This is the continuation of the study of basic structures. You go deeper into Present, Preterite Tenses and Future Tense. You will see the uses and differences among several Tenses. In addition to that, you'll increase your vocabulary describing daily items. This level might be perfect for you if you have studied Spanish before, but you forgot most of it.

Beginners: Grammar Review (A1 &A2)

Lower Intermediate (B1)

In this level, students review diverse grammar tenses studied before. You began studying Subjunctive. You acquire and practice vocabulary related to work field, social issues and academic terms. Students are able to converse and make five to eight minutes oral presentations about regular common topics and opinions about situations.

High Intermediate (B2)

You learned about connectors and how to used them in orally and in formal and informal writing. You continue improving vocabulary related to work field, health, social issues, technology and academic terms. Students are asked to participate in simulated conversations to solve problems.

Intermediate: Grammar Review (B1 & B2)

Advanced (C1/C2)

Students practice a wide range of longer clauses and recognize their meaning. Beside that, they contrast diverse grammar tenses. Students will exposed to a variety of text In vocabulary, they continue studying vocabulary related to work field, health, social issues, technology, academic terms, word formation and the recognition of word categories and uses.

Advanced: Grammar Review (C1 &C2)

Spanish for Travelers

Designed for the students needs.

Test Preparation Courses

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Private Classes

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Spanish for Businesses

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